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Author / Speaker

Born and raised in the South, Linda Apple writes from her soul and speaks from her heart. Her writing is influenced by the times spent with loved ones, friends, and those she's had the pleasure of meeting. Memories of stories told over a table laden with food and yarns spun while sipping sweet iced tea fuel her imagination. Evening conversations on the front porch spoken over coffee, wine, and perhaps something a little stronger or the comfortable silence shared while listening to the din of cicada and tree frog song, all find a home in her books, both fiction and nonfiction.


Linda understands the power of personal stories, so she writes to help others preserve theirs. She wrote WRITING LIFE—Your Story Matters for people who do not consider themselves writers. WRITING THE DASH—Drawing Inspiration from Life focuses on both beginning writers and writers who need fresh inspiration. She designed these books to be used like workbooks full of creative ideas and tips.

Linda is the grandmother of fourteen grandchildren. As a fun way of teaching them important life lessons and skills, she writes early reader chapter books in which Winston, her Scottish terrier, lends a paw to help children identify and deal with daily problems by sharing his own. Each book includes ten stories conveying valuable lessons and provides discussion questions to delve deeper into Winston’s experiences and what he learned. Kids of all ages love it, even those kids pushing 90. BOWWOW, Book of Winston's Words of Wisdom was on the shortlist for the Benjamin Franklin Award, and has been used in the One Book Program in school districts. Winston's World and ARF! highlight social and emotional learning. 

Of course, being a Southerner, Linda loves to talk. Public speaking was the next logical step in helping writers of all kinds. Through story and personal experience she teaches, encourages and motivates her audience to follow their dreams and reach their goals. Her purpose in her writing and speaking is to spread seeds of inspiration and give people wings to impact their sphere in meaningful ways. 

Linda conducts workshops both nationally and internationally. In 2023 she was inducted into the Arkansas Writers Hall of Fame. She is on the board of the Ozark Creative Writers Conference and was a past president of the Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc. Linda lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband, Neal. She enjoys traveling and gardening, as well as her fur and feather babies.  

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