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Avalee Preston tries to silence the demons from her past and takes a chance at love with Ty Jackson, a man twelve years her junior and the brother to her long-dead fiance. As if she needs another complication in her life, his parents resent her, and he has grown children.

Is love really enough for them to build a life together or is she confusing it with a fairy tale? Just what is love anyway? Maybe love was never intended for her after all. Ty deserves better.

Second book in the Moonlight Mississippi series, Avalee's Gift is a story of love found, love lost, and love found again. Well . . . maybe. Haunted by the memories and guilt of her fiancé's death, Avalee Preston wonders if she is too old for love and questions if love is even intended for her. This story bursts with down-home goodness flavored with plenty of Southern charm and wit yet is far from boring or blah. Linda Apple skillfully weaves conflict, inner struggles, and the power of friendship through out the pages making the reader genuinely care and connect with her characters. A delightful story and read. Bring on the next one!
R H Burkett: author

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