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Lexi Lowe is doing fine, thank you very much. Even after her worthless husband cheated on her and wound up in prison. good riddance. As a single woman, she has her own column in the local paper and is working with the handsome mayor of Moonlight on ways to increase tourism. she also has a long distance relationship with a famous newsman who lives in New York City.

Yes, she is just fine, until she receives a letter from her ex-husband informing her that he is terminally ill and is being discharged on a compassionate release. he has nowhere to go and asks her to let him live out his last days in the home they once shared.

This is NOT fine. Her world is about to be turned upside down—again. But allowing her ex to move home isn’t the only choice she has to make. She must also choose to make peace with her painful past. But how?

Linda Apple once again weaves the best in women’s fiction with a compelling, riveting story that is full of southern charm. Book Three in the Moonlight Mississippi Series does not disappoint readers. Several well-loved characters from the previous books step in to ensure that Lexi’s Choice will help her learn to move on with her life.  Clarissa Willis, International Consultant & Speaker

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