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Linda Apple's Books

As an author of women's fiction, I delight in crafting worlds where friendships, love, and truth prevail against the challenges we all encounter. My aim is to immerse readers in these worlds, offering them an enjoyable escape. Additionally, I hope that reading my books leaves them enriched and inspired.

As a children's author, my goal is for children to feel seen and understood. Through Winston's stories, I hope they will identify with him, connect with him, and learn from him. I want to empower them with self-confidence and self-awareness. 

As a nonfiction writer, I share my methods for finding inspiration and life lessons by being observant and aware of everything around us. I want readers to recognize and value their own stories, emphasizing their importance for future generations. Through my guidance and tips on writing in the creative nonfiction style, I aim to help readers craft their stories in a way that connects with and inspires others.

As an author, my goal isn't to be on a best-seller list —although that would be nice. Instead, my aim is to impact my readers with enticing stories written through the lens of gratitude, kindness, and hope, with plenty of humor thrown in!   

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