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Winston lends a paw to help children identify and deal with their daily problems by sharing his own dilemmas, from scary aliens, which turns out to be a turtle, to fly fishing. Who fishes for flies?

Winston describes the challenges he has faced, including issues such as making mistakes, misunderstanding, poor self-image, telling the truth, and accepting differences, and many more shared by Winston himself.

BOWWOW! BOOK OF WINSTON’S WORDS OF WISDOM was on the shortlist for the Benjamin Franklin award and was chosen for One Book Program because of its social and emotional content as well as positive values that are easily translated to young readers. 

Such a great book to open up conversations between children and their parents/teachers. One of my favorite Winston’s words of wisdom: “Let’s just face it. We are all different. But that doesn’t make any of us better than the other. Woof no! We all have a place and a purpose on this earth!” I think kids will connect with Winston and open up about their own feelings. ~ Kari Hale, Teacher

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